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Learn how to get beautiful images with minimal equipment in this one-day hands-on workshop.

Saturday, August 18

Dave Cross' Studio 3, Oldsmar Florida  

If you think you need a lot of equipment to get beautiful images, attend this workshop before you start wasting money. 

The masters typically used just one light, and you can get the same kind of results once you know how. It's easier than you think!. In this one-day hands-on workshop, you'll learn exactly what you need and what you don't need to create beautiful images with just one light and one reflector. You can use flash, continuous or window light with these techniques to get consistent, predictable, beautiful results every time. You'll also see how different light modifiers like umbrellas, soft boxes and dishes work, and how to decide what will work best for you.  

This class is hands-on. You'll be photographing still life and a live model and learning step-by-step. With Chuck's easy, down to earth teaching style and help, you'll create a beautiful, classic portrait. 

 Who should attend? 

Any photographer who wants to take their photography to the next level using minimal equipment. All skill levels are welcome. If you know how to set your camera to manual mode and adjust the aperture (f-stop) and shutter speed, this class is for you. 

What you'll need to bring: 

  • A camera with a hot-shoe flash attachment that can be used in manual mode 
  • Blank memory cards 
  • Charged batteries 


Your instructor

Chuck Vosburgh is a Certified Professional Photographer and shoots assignments worldwide. Chuck is also a master teacher and has taught thousands of people how to get the most out of their equipment and maximize their creative potential.Chuck has a down-to-earth easy style and people say learning from Chuck is like learning from their best friend.

"You are so unique and a very special artist. I feel so lucky to have had the experience of being in your classes." 

Beth Shepherd

"This guy Chuck has a big heart and he is a great teacher. He taught me more in a few hours during one of his workshops than I have learned from anyone else." 

Jeff Barnes

"You are really good at all this and I really like the way you present and teach.  You have a gift for teaching."

Laurie Ross

"He is the most energetic, reliable, knowledgeable, and helpful instructor I have ever had!"

Andrea Lypka

"Chuck, you're freaking awesome! Thank you so, so much! I love it and am learning so much, I'm a sponge I tell you!" 

Dawn Hunt

See some of Chuck's work at ChuckVosburgh.com

Event fee: $199.00 


Class schedule 

Morning session: 10am - Noon: 

The basics of lighting and how to apply it 

Equipment setup 

Setting up the lighting 

Using a light meter to get the perfect exposure 

Using your camera instead of a light meter to get the perfect exposure 


 Lunch: Noon - 1pm

 Afternoon Session: 1pm - 4pm: 

The 4 basic one-light lighting styles 

The 2 basic variations of light 

Refining the light pattern 

Working with your subject 


Adding a second light to multiply your options 

Controlling light and background for infinite combinations 

Retouching and finishing techniques and tricks with Photoshop 

Questions & Answers and discussion  

Bring your camera, extra batteries and memory cards.

Camera must have a hot shoe for flash and be able to be set on manual mode. Questions? E-mail Chuck

Event fee: $169.00, $139 before October 20th

. If you don't think the workshop is worth every penny, let us know before lunch and we'll give you your money back.