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Using HDR to tackle lighting problems

Chuck Vosburgh - Monday, November 01, 2010
High Dynamic Range photography is very popular for art photography, but it also has a lot of potential for commercial photography as well.

Consider this: The first shot is a normal image shot in a gallery. The lighting in the gallery is ideal for viewing the sculpture, but not at all good for photography. The lighting is very direct, pretty dim for photography and setting up my own lighting was not an option.

Now, here's the same image photographer HDR:

And a detail comparison:

If you're not familiar with HDR, the concept is simple. You shoot at least three images at different exposures and combine them to get a wider tonal range than you could get in one shot. Kinda like combining bracketed exposures.

In this example, there were three images; one normal exposure, one two stops underexposed and one two stops overexposed. The images were combined using Photomatix and retouched in Photoshop CS4.

What are your thoughts on HDR? Tell us in the comments :)

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